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of the Domaine

An independent
family estate.

Situated in Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, Champagne Pertois-Moriset, has from the beginning been a family business and thus independently owned. Grower-producers: each new generation has been nourished through the tradition and the knowledge of the vine and the wine of those who came before.

The House’s history began through the marriage between Yves Pertois and Janine Moriset, the son and daughter of two ancient winemaking families in the Côte de Blancs. In 1951, the couple decided to create the brand Pertois-Moriset, which continued to develop as their son Dominique and his wife Florence joined the House.

Today: The House is managed by their granddaughter Cécile and her husband Vincent. Their vineyards measure 20.7 hectares, and is made up of two parts:

  • The Côte de Blancs which is around 13.4 hectares, Grand Cru, and Chardonnay predominates by 100%
  • The Côte Sézanne which is around 7.30 hectares and is made up of 60% Pinot Noir and 40% Chardonnay

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Vincent et Cécile Pertois-Moriset

of the environment.

If the weather and yearly conditions permit it, the exploitation is worked in an organic and sustainable manner, and no chemicals are used. Sexual confusion is practiced, which is the act of disrupting the mating habits of certain harmful insects present in the vineyard. Most of the vineyard is planted with grass, which helps with irrigation and adds nutrients to the soil. The soil is also worked through natural methods. The tractor used by Pertois-Moriset is also 100% electric which is a first out of all of the other grower-producers in Champagne.


2009, a new
pressing center.

Perpetuating the House’s legacy: A new pressing center was incorporated in 2009.
It is equipped with two stainless steel presses and two temperature-controlled fermenting rooms, one of which is equipped with wooden barrels and big oak. Each of these attributes allow for a healthy pressing of excellent quality, and a fermentation process which is temperature controlled: thus, automatically blocking the malolactic fermentation process in the overwhelming majority of the tanks and barrels.

The wine is then aged on its lees for the winter months and isn’t put into bottles until the summer months of June and July. This delay allows the wine enough time to fully develop in the tank or barrel. Once bottled, the bottles are then placed on their side for a minimum of 24 months. For our vintage champagnes the wines are left to age for longer giving them a distinct taste.

Beginning in 2018, a new style bottle has been created which will soon be available for all of our new cuvées. It is a style of bottle that is unique to our House identity.

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2015, the family home
joins the Club Trésors de Champagne.

Since 2015, the house has been a part of the group Special Club which sells their champagnes at the Boutique Club Trésors de Champagne in Reims. Yves and Janine were originally a Special Club member, but now Céline and Vincent are once more in the group. To celebrate, a 2014 vintage bottle of champagne 100% sourced from Mesnil-sur-Oger was created. Besides this, the House has become much more specialized in its lieu-dits, and designated vineyards. Names like Les Jeamprins, Les Jutées, and also Les Hauts d’Aillerands, are not yet well known lieux-dits, but they will quickly become an irrefutable identity of Champagne grown in Le Mesnil-sur-Oger. And some mono-village like Oger, Villeneuve, Cramant, or Chouilly will complet this new beauttiful range.


of our wines

cuvée assemblage


cuvée quatre

Les Quatre Terroirs

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Les éditions PM

cuvee rose et blanc

Le Rosé Blanc

millesime 2010

L'Année 2010

cuvee oger


cuvee envieillissmnt


cuvee envieillissmnt


cuvee envieillissmnt


cuvee envieillissmnt


cuvee les justes

Les Jutées

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